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icon     German Car Breakers Yard

German cars are good sellers and popular with people all over the UK. Manufacturers such as VW, Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz have a good reputation for quality vehicles and now SEAT & SKODA have come into that class with their inclusion in the VAG group.

icon     German Auto Salvage

We have a large range of German cars at our specialist German auto salvage yard, with lots of parts available off the shelf. Brand new parts come at a premium and can cost a fortune, you can save yourself lots of money by buying used car parts from us. All parts are warranted for 30 days to ensure that they work for you.

icon     Car Part Recycling centre

Our salvage yard acts as car part recycling centre, offering buyers a chance to buy hard-to-find German car parts at low prices.

icon     Specialised German Car Breakers

All cars break down from time to time and its important to source the right parts to be replaced. At our specialised German car breakers yard you can buy replacement parts for the make and model of the vehicle needing repair. 

icon     High quality German Auto Parts

High quality German auto parts are available at a reduced price all are authentic and reliable products so if you are looking to for used German car parts at reasonable prices then call us now